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Welcome to the Renewable Energies Resource. Energy efficient homes, green mortgages, solar panels, mini wind turbines and small hydro will all be part of a low-carbon future and you can help make it happen. If you care, get involved and live sustainably. It’s your voice, and your choices.

Be a Part of the Change

Your own actions will inspire the other people around you to follow suit. Together we are millions of people - and counting. The UK government is failing to take the necessary action to prevent the chaos that climate change will cause. That's why together we have to act.

We need to call upon the government to take a lead on the global stage, and work towards an international agreement to cut climate pollution. World-wide this needs to be in decline by 2015. They must also cut the UK's emissions by at least 3% year on year. And all the richest governments need to help the poorest countries get access to clean energy, help them cut out poverty and deal with the climate disasters they are already facing.

Make the Difference

Together we can build irresistible popular pressure on politicians to act – and act fast. If we choose, we can make our politicians, at home and on the international stage, take the actions needed. And that means making your voice, your actions, count. So turn your home into an eco home, and make sure you follow all the best eco-friendly practices. Your example could spark hundreds of similar examples. Give us a call to find out more about renewable energies.

What can I do?

Our aim here is to ensure you know all about the vast number of small changes you can make to your lifestyle and a range of different choices you can make to help protect the earth around you. Did you know that millions of unwanted computers and laptops are dumped in council tips rather than recycled or donated for use in other countries, according to a new report.

A survey of more than 1,000 adults showed that fewer than half had donated an old computer to a charity and only one in 10 made sure they were recycled. The report said it was clear that many people were making no attempt to recycle their unwanted computer equipment, often dumping goods in their household rubbish or even in the countryside.

Missed Opportunities

Fujitsu Siemens has called for dedicated areas to be set up at municipal tips across the UK to stop the waste of so many computers and other electrical goods. Dave Pritchard of Fujitsu Siemens Computers said: “Although our survey showed that one in four people do take their rubbish to their local tip, unless their laptop or PC is assessed on the site, there is no guarantee that it will be passed on for re-use or recycle.

This is a huge missed opportunity.” It is a missed opportunity, and just one example of what you could be doing to live with the earth’s best interests at heart.

Welcome to the Renewable Energies Resource. We are here to provide you with all the information you might need to help you play your part in the greatest challenge mankind has ever faced, the growing threat of climate change which is occurring as a result of our reliance upon fossil fuels and consequent high carbon emissions.

Sustainable Technology

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Fuel Types

We can direct you to renewable energy sources, and help you to set up a wind energy source and a solar power installation.

We cover all aspects of sustainable living and the costs of going green, plus have a vast store of eco-living resources to help you go green. If you have any questions about alternative energy and sustainable living please get in touch.

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