Climate Change, What Can You Do

Here at the Renewable Energies Resource we are clear on the threat posed to us by climate change, and exactly what each of us has to do to mitigate this threat to our existence. While it is true that governments need to show leadership and make the difference on the international stage with regards to environmental policy and legislation, but the responsibility lies in the hands of each of us, to make the difference in our own individual lives.

Planning your next holiday? Dreaming of unwinding and relaxing? Or maybe you enjoy discovering new places, and throwing yourself into adventures. This year, don’t feel bad; feel good by taking one less flight and going on holiday closer to home. Maybe you want to show that special person in your life just how much you love them and the planet?

EcoSave's LED energy-saving lamps offer a quality, green alternative to incandescent lamps. In the future, LED technology will open your world to unprecedented lighting possibilities- LED Bulbs to LED Garden Lights, LED Torches to LED Downlights. The most up to date technology, save up to 20%!

Installing your energy saving equipment

It has never been easier to install your energy saving equipment, just call a local electrician and they will be happy to help.

Your local electrician is just around the corner! With offices in Islington and around North and West London, we can fix any emergency in a hurry. London Electricians won’t be beaten on price or quality of service.

Working on a construction site requires qualifications and following health and safety regulations.

If you are a site manager, you should check that each member of your staff have a CSCS card visible at all times. This will put across to your client that you are a professional construction worker with high health and safety standards. Your workers can sit their HS&E exam with CSCS London, get booked in here

This Valentine's Day why don't you say it with locally grown flowers, or a potted plant? It’s the little things that count. If everyone looks after their own carbon footprint, we can do this. Together. Contact us today to learn more about how you can stop climate change.

Welcome to the Renewable Energies Resource. We are here to provide you with all the information you might need to help you play your part in the greatest challenge mankind has ever faced, the growing threat of climate change which is occurring as a result of our reliance upon fossil fuels and consequent high carbon emissions.

Sustainable Technology

Carbon Footprint

Wind Turbine Parts

Biomass Systems

Impact on the Environment

Fuel Types

We can direct you to renewable energy sources, and help you to set up a wind energy source and a solar power installation.

We cover all aspects of sustainable living and the costs of going green, plus have a vast store of eco-living resources to help you go green. If you have any questions about alternative energy and sustainable living please get in touch.

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